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Support from the community for the community 

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Since October 2021 Deptford First has been running a Universal Credit campaign to give a helping hand to the hardest hit by the £20 Universal Credit cut. This campaign has given individuals in need vouchers from local supermarkets to help alleviate their hardship. It has been successful however we have realised that they are a lot of individuals in need who did not qualify for the help as they were not previously on Universal Credit, this has been for many reasons such as they were still on legacy benefits or had no recourse to public funds. As fuel and food prices rise, the cost of living in the area has gone up immensely and we want to help as many individuals as we can. 


The trustees at Deptford First have taken the decision to widen the current campaign in order to include people who have been hit by the fuel increases, increase in food prices and those who did not have access to Universal Credit.

The funds raised will be distributed via our local MP’s office to established local community groups and charities.  They in turn will distribute vouchers purchased from local supermarkets to individuals in desperate need.  

Our previous campaigns were the Universal Credit Cut campaign and the Community Chest campaign. 


Please donate as much as you are able to help those in need in our local community as they struggle through what is a very difficult time. 


We want to say a huge thank you to our donors. Every contribution helps and has helps those who need it the most. The total raised so far is: £2,641.55. If you have a look at our case studies, you can see how the donations have helped families and individuals struggling in South East London. 

"Are you serious? That's amazing, you've saved my Christmas"

"I will share this with my neighbour, she is struggling too"

"This means I can get food and other bits because most of my money is going on electric"

"This makes a huge difference"

We would like to thank our volunteers for this campaign for their sterling work so far, Jessica Warden, Nicola Asuncion and Jodie Thompson. If you would like to volunteer for Deptford First please email 

Listed below are some useful help and support links that help with individual's debt, utilities and financial management. If you need other means of support, please type the following links into your browser to access their support. 

This a link to Lewisham Plus Credit Union’s own web page with a number of helpful articles. Please type in the following in your browser.

This is a link to support and benefits available to residents of Lewisham.


This is a link from money helper on general debt help


This is a link to help from energy companies

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