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A helping hand for the hardest hit by the £20 Universal Credit cut

Local residents on universal credit will be hit by an £86 reduction to their monthly income from 6th October when the government’s £20 per week universal credit cut comes into effect.


Many of these residents are low waged, working people who have supported us through the pandemic and may be unaware that this is due to happen.


At the same time as having their low incomes further reduced, they are facing increased energy bills, increased food costs and increases to national insurance contributions which disproportionately hit low waged working people.

We have set up this campaign to help mitigate the worst impacts of this government cut.  We want to ensure those affected are not simply hit with the cut overnight but have time to plan their budgets and not go without food or heating over winter.

The funds raised will be distributed via our local MP’s office to established local community groups and charities.  They in turn will distribute vouchers purchased from local supermarkets to individuals in desperate need.  We will work with the local supermarkets to see if they will match what we receive in donations.

Please donate as much as you are able to help those in need in our local community as they struggle through what is going to be a very difficult winter. 

"Are you serious? That's amazing, you've saved my Christmas"

"I will share this with my neighbour, she is struggling too"

"This means I can get food and other bits because most of my money is going on electric"

"This makes a huge difference"

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