Listed below are real life examples of the impact of vouchers to the residents in the area! Have a look at the impact of the donations we have received and how important they are in helping the lives of others. Follow the 'Donate here' link to contribute to this charity and financially support those who need it

Please can you tell us a bit about your living situation?

I live in a three bedroom flat in Lewisham, rented from the council. This is my family home, that I brought my kids up in. I was a single dad to two children, who are now grown.  When my elderly parents were sick, I invited them to live with me. They were ill and needed care. I wanted to do the right thing by them. My mother died in 2019, my father recently died February 2021. Because of this I have been punished with the Bedroom Tax. I’ve been charged with two extra bedrooms- so I’m left with nothing to live on.

Has the voucher you received helped?


Yes definitely 40 pounds helps… I normally have to borrow money for gas and electricity. My place is so cold, so very cold. British Gas lent me money for electricity and gas for my key meter. Without these I wouldn’t know what to do… This 40 pound voucher was really important as it meant that I could eat what I wanted.


Other examples of Deptford First's campaigns helping residents in the area:


"A 35 year old mother of three, who has been on maternity leave till recently and has moved to Universal Credit due to complications. She has been a member of the CU for some time and had many loans and was ok till recently. The move to UC has delayed access to funds and that has put her in a bad place. Additionally the recent increase in utility prices has adversely impacted her finances. DF was able to support her with giving her £40 towards utilities."

"A 28 year old mum of two had to replace her cooker. This meant she did not have sufficient funds to purchase food etc. Credit Union was unable to help as the member had three loans and any further lending would make it unaffordable. DF gave £40 to purchase food items and utilities."

"A 27 year old mother of two and part time pub worker had suffered as a result of reduced and erratic shift pattern. This also impacted her UC payments as they also frequently changed but necessarily in sync, so she is always catching up! She was struggling with purchasing essential items and £40 from DF was a great help."

"A 53 year old local resident and part time shop worker approached us with support for rent as switch to UC some years back had increased his rent arrears and the landlord was demanding a greater contribution towards reducing the arrears. GF has been paying more towards the rent, which had left him short to purchase food and other essentials. DF helped him with £40 towards food."

'Oh wow, that's so lovely, my heating bill is so big every month, this voucher means I can buy something nice to eat, the food bank is great but there's nothing like going to the shops and choosing something you really fancy."

Older man living alone using food banks, making the choice between heating, or eating on a regular basis.

"This is like a present, thank you, it's a nice feeling to get a present!'"