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Our mission is to provide financial support to Deptford residents who are unable to access funds from elsewhere.  We provide support to a diverse group of vulnerable residents, including those who find themselves homeless, with no recourse to public funds, affected by the 'benefits trap', or a victim of domestic abuse. As a charity, we pride ourselves on our commitment to helping others, the positive impact we make on people's lives, and our ability to bring out the best in Deptford.

Statement from our chair

My name is Vicky Foxcroft and I have been Chair of Deptford First and MP for Lewisham Deptford since 2015. Before that, I was a councillor in Brockley ward.


Deptford First was set up in 1979 to help local people in need who are unable to access enough support elsewhere.


When I joined, I could see that the charity was well-established but had the potential to do even more.


Over the years I have worked with our trustees to establish working partnerships with local organisations and raise our profile. I even raised one of our fundraising campaigns with Boris Johnson at Prime Minister’s Questions in 2021 (see video below).


The impact of years of austerity and cuts to local government has been made even worse by the pandemic and cost of living crisis. It is devastating to see so many local people in financial difficulties.


But with your help, Deptford First can relieve some of that hardship. Take a look at our case studies to find out more about our work and how you can support us.

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"My mum is really ill and I can buy her something nice with this"

"Thank you, this really helps out"

"This voucher means I can buy something nice to eat "

"This is like a present, thank you"

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