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Our Partners

Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network


Our vision is to have a fair, just and equal society where people can live

in harmony.

Our mission is to empower refugees and migrants to thrive, make a

positive contribution, integrate and take control of their own lives. 


We do this by:

·        Providing free and independent expert advice and casework

·        Supporting integration via community projects

·        Offering counselling, therapy and advocacy for women survivors of gender-based violence

·        Conducting research and sharing information

·        Campaigning to affect policy changes at the local and national level


Our experienced and specialist advisers support those most vulnerable in regularising their immigration status, improving their housing situation, preventing homelessness, accessing welfare entitlements, gaining employment and improving their mental health and well-being.


We also campaign to ensure that the voices of these communities are heard, and their rights upheld.

Deptford Reach

Deptford Reach is a day centre supporting over 1,200 people each year who have been affected by homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, mental health issues and social isolation.


The centre provides tailored support, advice, education and training to help people recover and rebuild their lives.


It also offers basic services for people who need them, including hot meals, showers, a launderette, and clothes, along with a dentist and a nurse who are available one day a week

999 Club








The 999 Club is based in Deptford, in the London borough of Lewisham, and has a 27-year history of working with people who have experienced homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless.

We provide a warm welcome for people who are often ignored, isolated or stigmatised. We work with them to find a sustainable solution to their housing problem and empower them to gain the confidence, skills and support needed to transform their lives to help them live productively and independently.

Our focus is on preventing homelessness and we work with people to:

  • Reduce the threat of accommodation loss and increase capacity to access accommodation;

  • Increase engagement with us and/or other services;

  • Increase mental and physical well-being;

  • Improve financial stability;

  • Increase and widen positive social networks; and

  • Increase life skills.

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