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2018 Tea Party

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for the annual Deptford First tea party on December 5th.

For those of you who don’t already know us, Deptford First is a local charity which provides small grants to local people in need. Our trustees are working hard to build on the charity’s previous work and establish ourselves within the local charity landscape.

This year’s party was held in Deptford Town Hall, a beautiful Grade II listed building which is now part of the Goldsmiths campus on New Cross Road, and was very generously sponsored by Lewisham Homes.

At the party we celebrated two things.  Firstly, the amazing contribution Father Owen Beament of All Saints Church has made to Deptford First over the years. Father Owen was one of the original co-founders of the charity in 1979 and his dedication to the people of Deptford has helped to keep it going.

Secondly, we have been working with Emily Simpson – an experienced third sector consultant – and other local organisations to create a new strategy and funding model. Emily joined us on the night to say a few words about the excellent report she has prepared and her recommendations for the future of Deptford First.

We were very sad to say goodbye to Father Owen, but are also full of optimism about the road ahead.

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2017 Tea Party

Our 2017 Deptford First Tea Party took place on Thursday 7th September. The event was attended by a mix of charities, organisations, schools and other local interested people. The committee spent time talking to guests about what they feel Deptford First's future priorities should be and how we can encourage organisations to work together to support local people and improve the area.

We hope our forthcoming Tea Parties will be equally successful.

Deptford First 2017.png
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